Schermer Pecans Introduces Pecan Oil at 2014 Summer Fancy Food Show

⋅ All Natural Oil From Pressed Pecans Perfect for Cooking ⋅


June 25, 2014 – Glennville, GA – Schermer Pecans and the Wetherbee family are pleased to announce the addition of a new all natural pecan oil. Made from pressed pecans, the oil has a light, neutral flavor and high smoke point (470°) making it perfect for cooking. Putt Wetherbee, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and descendant of turn-of-the-century commercial pecan planter Francis Flagg Putney says, “Pecan oil is packed with Omega 3 so it’s a healthy alternative. We’ve been making salad dressings and baked goods with pecan oil for years and we thought it was time to offer the same high quality oil to our consumers.”  



Beautifully packaged in 8.5 ounce reusable swing-top glass bottles, Schermer’s Pecan Oil joins the already highly touted Schermer Pecans line – from the simplicity of freshly roasted Fancy Mammoth Pecans to candied Cinnamon Glazed Pecans cooked to sight in circa 1940’s copper cauldrons and then hand-tossed in proprietary sugars and spices. Schermer Pecans and Pecan Oil are available online at  The retail line includes: Wetherbee Private Stock Fresh & Natural Elliott Pecans and Roasted & Salted Elliott Pecans, Fancy Mammoth Pecan Halves, Fancy Mammoth Pecan Pieces, Roasted & Salted Pecans, Dark Chocolate Pecans, Chocolate Covered Pecans, Cinnamon Glazed Pecans and Caramel Pecan Clusters. The suggested retail price for Schermer Pecan Oil is $12.


Nearly 65 years after the founding of Schermer Pecans, the company and its dedicated family of growers and candy makers continue to take pride in their pecans from the planting of the orchards, to harvesting the pecans, to packaging their many varieties. Schermer Pecans range from the simplicity of the finest Fancy Mammoth Pecans to pecans combined with hand-pulled caramel or cooked to sight and candied in 1940’s copper cauldrons. To purchase pecans, please visit or call 800.841.3403. For more information or to arrange an interview with Putt Wetherbee, please contact Libba Osborne at or 843.579.0500.

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