Founded in 1946, Schermer Pecans takes pride in their pecans from the tree to the table.

In 1977, Frank Wetherbee purchased the Schermer Pecan Company and remains one of only a few family-run pecan companies that grow, shell and distribute. This means quality and freshness remain consistent through the entire Pecan growing and selling life-cycle.

Putt Wetherbee, Owner & Grower

Putt Wetherbee, son of Frank Wetherbee, spent his childhood alongside his father atop one of Georgia's only two mechanized harvesters. Putt is inspired by pecans - from watching the buds break in April to harnessing the latest in technology during harvest time. 

Putt, a passionate entrepreneur, travels the world touting his flavorful, healthy and downright addictive pecans. Putt has pecans in his blood.  He is a former board member of the Georgia Pecan Growers Association, Georgia Commodity Commission and an Advisor to US Pecans. 

Our Storied Past

We are fifth generation growers and second generation owners, so as you can see, Schermer Pecans history is one nutty family affair!

‘A Native Nut’ - The pecan is undoubtedly the most important nut tree native to North America. For North American Indian tribes in the South-Central region of the United States, especially in the Mississippi Valley, the seedling pecan served as a dietary staple long before the arrival of Europeans.

‘Pecans for Pipe Tobacco - Later the Indians traded pecans to the settlers for furs, trinkets and tobacco. Before the early sixteenth century, no European had ever seen a pecan.

‘Antoine’s Prized Pecans’ - 1876 - the first improved pecan was graphed by an African-American slave gardener called Antoine from Louisiana.

‘Alton & Lula Go Nuts’ – 1946 – In the wake of WWII, Alton and Lula Schermer founded the Schermer Pecan Company out of their home. Some people said they were nuts - they took it as a compliment. Alton hand-selected the best pecans and Lula handled the packaging and hospitality.

‘Nuts about Non-Profits’ – Post WWII, Alton Schermer took note that non-profits needed a little help raising cash, so Schermer Pecan Company partnered with organizations on fundraising projects, in turn providing them the money to ‘shell’ out for their community projects.

‘Our Trees Take Root’ – Like the pecan trees in our orchards, the Schermer Pecan Company slowly and steadily grew into one of the nation’s most recognizable names in pecans. Today, Schermer is one of only a few family-run pecan companies that grow, shell and distribute.

‘Harvest Season’ – As Alton and Lula Schermer entered their golden years, they began contemplating a plan for their perennials - searching for a successor to care for their burgeoning business.

‘New Crop’ – 1977—They called him the pioneer of the pecan industry. Frank Wetherbee purchases the Schermer Pecan Company in 1977, making him the owner of one of the largest pecan company in Georgia. (whose great great uncle, Francis Flagg Putney was part of the largest commercial planting around the turn of the century)

‘Georgia on My Mind’ - Georgia now produces 45% of the Nation's pecans averaging 110 million pounds per year. This production is influenced by factors such as weather, insects and disease which cause fluctuations from as low as 50 million pounds to as high as 150 million pounds per year.

‘Let's Celebrate’ – 2016 – Today, the rigorous standards and warm hospitality set forth by Alton and Lula Schermer is carried on by the family of Schermer owners and employees as we celebrate our 70th anniversary.  Schermer Pecan Company remains true to its roots – taking pride from picking to packaging and all of the steps in between.