Schermer News: Our Wetherbee Private Stock Pecans

Schermer News: Our Wetherbee Private Stock Pecans

A Taste of Our Private Stock

Friends flock to our holiday cocktail parties because we’re always roasting and salting our favorite variety of pecan – the Elliott.  It’s not that we’re holding back on selling them, it’s just that the Elliott variety only produces yields every other year making them hard to keep stocked. Well, that and the fact that their robust sweet flavor and signature crunch makes them downright addictive.  Try our Rosemary Pecan Cocktail Mix recipe and you'll have the perfect homemade host/hostess gift for the upcoming holiday season.

Most families reserve these small teardrop shaped pecans all for themselves, but occasionally we raid the family stock and give our fans a taste of what’s become a pecan growers’ favorite.  With each bag we’ve noted the orchard of origin and how many bags are available from that particular harvest.   Taste of the South Magazine recently called them "Pecan Perfection."

Just like all of our other pecan varieties, the Elliott seedling selection is harvested from our orchards that date back to the first commercial plantings in America.  We're selling them this year but it's a guarantee they will sell out long before the holidays are here.  Enjoy and let us know what you think!

- Putt

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