Cocktail Collection


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Our Cocktail Collection is sure to be a crowd pleaser. This collection includes one bag of our Roasted and Salted Pecans that are fresh shelled, hand selected, roasted and perfectly salted as well as one bag of our Cinnamon Glazed Pecans. Our Cinnamon Glazed pecans receive a sweet candy coating in our circa 1940s copper caldrons and a hand-tossing in our proprietary blend of cinnamon and vanilla sugar. 

Small Cocktail Collection Includes: 
1 - 10 oz bag Roasted & Salted
1 - 10 oz bag Cinnamon Glazed

Large Cocktail Collection Includes: 
3 - 10 oz bag Roasted & Salted
3 - 10 oz bag Cinnamon Glazed