The Story

In the wake of WWII, Alton and Lula Schermer founded the Schermer Pecan Company out of their home.

Some people said they were nuts - they took it as a compliment.

Alton hand-selected the best pecans and Lula handled the packaging and hospitality.

After WWII, Alton took note that non-profits needed a little help raising cash.  Schermer Pecans partnered with organizations on fundraising projects to enable local folks to "shell" out for community projects.

In 1997, Frank Wetherbee buys Schermer Pecans and Putt Wetherbee, Frank's son, continues Alton and Lula's tradition of rigorous standards, quality service and warm hospitality. 

Being fifth generation growers and two generation owners, Schermer Pecans is one nutty family affair.