About Us

We've taken pride in our pecans for over 75 years.

Founded in 1946, Schermer Pecans takes pride in their pecans from the tree to your table.  Today, Schermer Pecans is one of only a few family-run pecan companies that grow, shell and distribute. This means quality and freshness remain consistent through the entire pecan growing and selling life-cycle.

Harvest is a magical time of year that delivers cool mornings, soft light and more moving parts than a Swiss watch.

Putt Wetherbee, Owner & Grower

Putt Wetherbee spent his childhood alongside his father atop one of Georgia's only two mechanized harvesters. Shelling gadgets and gizmos were eye-candy and Putt relished the camaraderie that came with harvest time and in the everyday inner workings of the Schermer Pecan shelling plant.  Today, Putt is still inspired by pecans - from watching the buds break in April to harnessing the latest in technology and managing the increased world demand.  Pecans are in Putt’s blood.  His father, a pecan grower since 1959, purchased Schermer Pecans in 1977 and with it became the owner of one of the largest pecan companies in Georgia. Putt’s namesake, planter and philanthropist Francis Flagg Putney, was part of the largest commercial pecan planting that took place around the turn of the century and some of the orchards still remain in the family.

Fifth generation growers and second generation owners, our history is one nutty family affair!