Founded in 1946, Schermer Pecans takes pride in their pecans from the tree to the table.

In 1977, Frank Wetherbee purchased the Schermer Pecan Company and remains one of only a few family-run pecan companies that grow, shell and distribute. This means quality and freshness remain consistent through the entire Pecan growing and selling life-cycle.

Putt Wetherbee, Owner & Grower

Putt Wetherbee, son of Frank Wetherbee, spent his childhood alongside his father atop one of Georgia's only two mechanized harvesters. Putt is inspired by pecans - from watching the buds break in April to harnessing the latest in technology during harvest time. 

Putt, is a passionate entrepreneur, travels the world touting his flavorful, healthy and downright addictive pecans. Putt has pecans in his blood.  He is a board member of the Georgia Pecan Growers Association, an Advisory Board Member of the Georgia Commodity Commission and an Advisor to US Pecans.