Pecan Flour and Natural Halves


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Harvested from Georgia orchards that have been in our family for over 70 years, our pecans are hand-selected and freshly shelled before being finely ground into this healthy, flavorful flour.  Naturally gluten and grain-free, it’s simply made of the finest pecans and nothing else. 

Everyday Cooking with Pecan Flour

Use like a flour in dredging chicken or seafood before pan-frying. Add to your favorite cookie, cake, or bread, removing 1/2 cup of the flour and replacing it with pecan flour. Sprinkle onto the top of brownies, cookies, and coffee cakes before baking. Add to crushed graham crackers for pie crusts and cheesecakes.  

Download our Pecan Flour Recipe Booklet - click here! 

Small Gift Set Includes:
1 - 16oz bag of Pecan Flour

1 - 16oz bag of Fancy Pecan Halves

Large Gift Set Includes:
3 - 16oz bag of Pecan Flour

3 - 16oz bag of Fancy Pecan Halves