Tis the Season for Shotgun Shells & Mistletoe

Pecan farmers hear the word mistletoe and they think anything but holiday charm.

For us, mistletoe is a parasitic plant that robs the trees in our beautiful orchards of their nutrients. We’ve tried for years to rid the orchards of it, but there is no way to kill the mistletoe without compromising our trees and pecans.

So that’s where our shotguns come into play! Before shotgun shells became so expensive, you’d often find us harvesting our holiday mistletoe stocks with a shotgun, but today we use a saw…well, most of the time.  There are times when we fall behind on the Christmas “TO DO” list and need emergency “kissing garland.”

While we’re on the subject of guns, we're still pretty thrilled about Garden & Gun's affection for our pecans below and recent mention on their list of Essentials of the Southern Pantry for Yahoo Food!  Their recipe for Bourbon Pecan Pie is still one of our all time favorites. That pie paired with a little mistletoe is a sure fire way to keep our honey happy.